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  • Gene du Preez
  • Posted by Gene du Preez
December 1, 2023

I started my career at Dimension Data, a prominent corporate company, about 8 years ago. Today, I find myself in a role I never  would’ve imagined with my background in graphic design. Surprisingly, I became a reliable resource for CEOs and executives for crafting compelling presentations. Whether for budgets, bids, or global events, I established myself as the go-to “presentation person” and in turn, this skill became an important part of my professional journey.

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  • Thea Hansen
  • Posted by Thea Hansen
August 1, 2023

Embracing the freedom of freelancing. As a creative freelancer, my passion for my work has always...

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person holding apple magic mouse
  • Elsje Gildenhuys
  • Posted by Elsje Gildenhuys
July 5, 2023

You get what you give. What does it take to be creative? When I was a...

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