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Who we are

We're a team of design thinkers who help catapult brands into the future.


Our creative studio blends art and technology.



Our human-centric approach uncovers innovative ideas – we develop creative strategies and frameworks that will set you apart.


Campaign development

Crafting compelling campaigns  to meet your marketing objectives is our forté – sculpting stories that captivate, engage, and drive audiences toward meaningful action.



We specialize in delivering impactful written content that resonates, informs, and inspires audiences across various mediums and platforms.


Video production

Our video service is an end-to-end solution for both animation and live-action no matter the budget or location.



Design is the cornerstone of your brand’s identity. We develop design systems to help you drive consistency and scale.


Performance marketing

Social media, online ads, enablement, nurtures, web and SEO. We’ll help you build and optimise your conversion funnel.

In the pursuit of purpose

We’re changing the way people think about impact.

Problem-solving starts with empathy. 

Our 3-step methodology helps to uncover unique perspectives and will unlock a solutions-mindset.

Our holistic approach harnesses the power of the present, strategically navigates the immediate future, and ultimately propels us towards continuous innovation in the long term.

Let’s move your brand from here to next.

Our team

We believe in the creativity of our people.

  • Khyle Henderson

    Khyle is a creative video producer and Director of Photography with a unique sense of humour and style. Khyle is extremely capable in motion graphics design. He hails from North East England, bringing an accent that adds to his work's distinctiveness.

  • Jean-Jacques Potgieter
    Creative Director

    JJ is a multimedia Creative Director with expertise in design, animation, and UX/UI. He has a passion for exploring emerging design trends and techniques and has acquired a variety of design skills over the years.

  • Heinrich Laubsher

    Heinrich is a Cape Town-based videographer with an undeniable talent for capturing stunning footage. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, he has honed his craft over the years to produce truly remarkable work. His ability to carefully plan and execute ideas, coupled with his technical expertise, sets him apart from the rest.

  • Thea Hansen

    Thea, based in Dublin, is a creative designer with over 10 years of experience in design and web portfolios. As a former fashion industry professional, she showcases her unique style while staying within project briefs. Her determination in delivering high-quality work makes each project shine.

  • Amelia Reynders
    Art Director

    Amelia is an accomplished Art Director with a passion for design and innovation. She brings her unique style and creativity to her work, using her home office in Zambia as the perfect backdrop to inspire her projects and connect with clients around the world.

  • Nadine van Niekerk

    Nadine is a skilled graphic and web designer who loves freelancing. She enjoys working with varied brands and progressing her knowledge. When free, she completes short courses or reads the latest industry developments. Nadine is also a mom, pet lover, and plant enthusiast, dedicated to achieving outstanding outcomes in all areas of her life.

  • Wanja Focaraccio

    Wanja is a skilled designer who joined the freelancing world early in her career. She has worked with numerous brands and is always up for new challenges. With a passion for improving her skills, Wanja is constantly learning and loves new challenges.

  • Dina Venter
    Senior Writer

    Dina has worked for several advertising agencies, as well as in media as a journalist and features editor. She is passionate about using words to tell stories that resonate with people. Dina is a wife, mother, and dog owner who enjoys reading, running, and practicing yoga.

  • Lily Gildenhuys

    Lily, an experienced bookkeeper helps our agency maintain accurate financial records. She helps us forecast and reconcile projects and ensures we stay in tip-top shape. Lily as worked with both small and large companies, developing a broad understanding of best practice.

  • Chantelle Turner
    Client Services Director

    Chantelle leads our client experience team from Dublin. With superpowers in creativity, and organization, she keeps our clients and creatives happy. When not crafting budgets and timelines, she enjoys reading, writing and gardening.

  • Melissa Mussini
    Resource Manager

    Melissa is an experienced Resource Manager who plays a significant role in matching the right talent to projects. She's an expert in creating project timelines, assessing resources required to achieve deadlines, and ensuring seamless execution of projects.

  • Kay-Leigh Moore
    Account Manager

    Kay-Leigh is a detail-oriented Account Manager with a passion for nature and wildlife. She loves exploring the bushveld and brings a creative mindset to her work. Kay-Leigh is committed to delivering exceptional results for her clients and eager to learn more about their businesses.

  • Elsje Gildenhuys
    Content Director

    As co-founder and Content Director, Elsje is passionate about creating visual concepts that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. She has extensive brand and content design experience serving global businesses.

  • Gene du Preez

    With a background in graphic design, Gené has skillfully earned the title of "PowerPoint Queen." Her passion lies in crafting captivating presentations, spanning from board packs to large-scale events. She has transformed hundreds of presentations for global executives.

  • Tim Gildenhuys

    Tim is our co-founder and CEO. Trained chef turned designer-marketeer, he spends his time exploring the intersection between creativity, technology and business.

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