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Embracing the journey: My first three months at HNN.

Having worked as an Account Manager in a corporate environment for a number of years, the idea of taking on a position at a newly formed creative agency brought a sense of excitement. Looking back at my first three months, I realised that I’ve learned quite a few lessons.

I am used to the established processes you’d expect from a corporate environment, so working in a creative environment gave me a newfound freedom to explore uncharted territories, experiment with unconventional ideas, and push the boundaries.

Of course, joining a startup creative agency comes with its set of challenges. Developing structure and new processes within the team requires flexibility, and I’ve learnt to always be prepared for change.

There are also quite a few hurdles that come with working remotely, such as communication nuances, occasional technical glitches, and the absence of immediate face-to-face interactions. Luckily, the constant support, encouragement and care of the HNN team made it easy, and most importantly, worthwhile.

In three months, my mindset, resilience to obstacles, approach to problem solving and predisposition to being comfortable in the uncomfortable were all tested, honed and retested. Working in a creative environment requires you to be on your toes. Working in a fully remote creative environment with clients all over the globe, well that requires the delicacy of a circus elephant!

As I continue to grow and evolve (and hone my acrobatic skills) I also continue to be in awe of the abilities of my team and our achievements. Achievements that are not easily made by traditional creative agencies. The HNN team has accomplished things that other teams could only ever dream of, and they have truly earned the right to be called the “dream team”.

The initial three months at HNN have also been a transformative journey on a personal level. It’s been a period of self-discovery, embracing change, and adapting to a dynamic environment that celebrates creativity and innovation. The experience has not only redefined my professional trajectory but has also helped me discover a renewed passion for creating and the courage to navigate the unknown with confidence.

As I look ahead, I remain excited about the opportunities in my future. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead – not only for my personal growth, but also for my team and their achievements. I am excited to see what adventures we go on, what projects we work on and the phenomenal work we are yet to produce.

Kay-Leigh Moore
Kay-Leigh Moore
Kay-Leigh is a detail-oriented Account Manager with a passion for nature and wildlife. She loves exploring the bushveld and brings a creative mindset to her work. Kay-Leigh is committed to delivering exceptional results for her clients and eager to learn more about their businesses.

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